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WIZZARD are back!

In 2023 No Remorse Records released "Ninya Warrior - The Anthology" including the band's '80s recordings and Wizzard made their reunion at the festival Keep It True Rising in Germany.  New songs are written and the saga continues. Stay tuned!

The story began sometime in 1981 when two Swedish music teachers at a local music school combined forces to form a band from their young students, aged 11 and 12 years old! This embryonic band began playing together and they practiced a selection of rock tracks, leading to a few live appearances at local venues. In 1984 the line-up was completed and the band got a new impetus and went into intensive rehearsals like never before, using the name, WIZZARD. Many concerts followed and in 1986 they released their first vinyl "Ninya Warrior". The same year they appeared on swedish television. All the time they had focus on becoming rockstars and putting on a better show with pyro, cool clothes and of course new songs and bigger concerts.

After a studio recording in 1987 to make their next single they changed name to CHARITY. The single was released and the band didn't like the result, and soon, the band’s rehearsals became less productive. The members spent more time discussing all other problems under the sun and the music somehow fell out of focus, but when music came to discussion they had different opinions about it. Nobody decided to wind up the band. It just fizzled and ran away, into the sand, sometime during 1988.

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